Super Bowl / Football Bingo
first down
holding penalty
roughing the passer
missed field goal
play reviewed
delay of game
onside kick
defense scores
TV show commercial
offside penalty
candy commercial
failed 4th down conversion
car commercial
restaurant commercial
shirtless fan
chips commercial
coin toss heads
alcohol commercial
incomplete pass
coin toss tails

Custom bingo sheet

Super Bowl Bingo Cards

Use these bingo cards to play at your Super Bowl party. There are items related to the game, outside the game, or in the commericals. Cross off the box when each of these things happens/appears.

Customize the boxes on this bingo board by clicking customize above or make your own bingo board from scratch. Here are some other pre-made templates: Alphabet, Baby Shower, Christmas, Easter, French, Halloween, St. Patricks Day, Superbowl, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day